Tips to maintain a clean home

Cleaning home is an art. We have to clean our home regularly inorder to avoid infections, bad smell, diseases etc. Here are some of the tips that i thought to be useful to all. Follow this tips and maintain a clean and happy home.

1: Fold and put away the clothes as soon as you completes your laundry work.

2: Put things back in their places after you use them.

3: Never go to bed with a dirty kitchen.

4: Keep your bathrooms and sinks clean.

5: Take 15 minutes in a day to clean your home.

6: Buy good cleaning products.

7: Leave your shoes at the door.

8: Clean the windows, doors.

9: Keep doormats at every entrance.

10: Empty the trash regularly.

Meet you all again with another interesting recipe, till then it is bye from Archana.

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