Ways To Reuse The Newspaper

Before you toss your newspaper in the recycling bin,consider all the ways you could put yesterday's newspaper to good use.Here are some options for repurposing your old papers:

1:Window washing:
Use a few pages to wash windows, mirrows and other glass surfaces.Simply spray with solution and wipe surfaces clean.

2:Moisture reducer:
Line the crisper drawers in your refrigerator with newspaper to absorb moisture and eliminate odors.

3:Odor eliminator:
Place a few pages in the bottom of your kitchen trash can before you put in a new trash bag.The newspaper will reduce smells and absorb any spills from a leaky liner.

4:Ripening resource:
Wrap immature fruits or vegetables in several layers of newspaper to speed the ripening process. The newspaper traps ethylene gas, which the produce emits, encouraging it to ripen more quickly.

5: Paper packer:
If you are mailing a package and need extra cushioning to protect your object, wad up some newspaper and stuff it around your breakables.

6: Peeling pal:
Before you make a mess in the kitchen peeling potatoes, carrots or other vegetables, lay out some newspaper on the countertop. After peeling, just pick up the paper and toss for easy cleanup.

7: Footwear fix:
To dry out wet shoes, stuff them with crumpled newspaper. The paper will help to absorb dampness and they will dry faster.

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