Electricity Saving Tips:

Saving electricity doesn't just save money, it also saves the environment. Here are some tips that really helps you to save money as well as environment also.

Turn off lights, appliances, TV's, computers, stereos when not in use.

Replace your old fridge with newer.

Turn off your ceiling fan when you leave the room.

Clean or replace the A/C filter regularly to help your unit run more efficiently and trim cooling costs.

Use space heaters to heat only the rooms you're in (rather than a central system that heats the whole house), and turning off the heat when you're not at home.

Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot or warm water.

Replace light bulbs with compact fluorescents.

Sleep your computer When you are not using it.

Unplug electronic devices and chargers when they aren't in use-most new electronics use electricity even when switched "off".

Don't use the heat dry option on your dishwasher.

Do not put on the lights during the day

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