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We all know bittergourd has too many medicinal values. I found this interesting article in aayisrecipes. I thought it would be helpful for everybody.

India is a land of Ayurveda. There are thousands of home remedies which our elders followed for almost every possible disease. Their medicines were simple, all natural. Then why can’t we follow the same and be healthy? So I started this ‘home remedies’ category few days back. I would like to post all the remedies which I have collected so far. All my readers are welcome to add any remedies they know.

Now..coming to bitter gourd.

The bitter gourd or bitter melon resembles cucumber in shape but the skin is rough with bumps all over. As the name implies, it tastes bitter. There are two varieties of this vegetable: one is oblong in shape and pale green in color and grows to 20 cm long and the other variety is smaller in size with oval shape and dark green color.

Bitter gourd needs hot and humid climate to grow. So, the vegetable is commonly found in Asian countries and South America.

It has the following medicinal value.

  • Bitter gourd is the best medicine for diabetes. It is rich in A, B1, B2, C vitamins and Iron. Drink bittergourd juice in the morning on empty stomach to keep the diabetes in control.
  • Bitter gourd reduces fever.
  • It is useful for people with vision problems, since it has Vitamin A.
  • People suffering from Jaundice, drink 1-2 tea spn of bitter gourd in a day. This reduces jaundice and the yellowish colour of eyes turns back to white.
  • This is useful in purifying the blood.
  • It is helpful in digestion, joint pain and gas problems.
  • It is useful in liver problem, pain and swelling of nerves.
  • For piles problems, mix 1 cup curd with 1 tea spn of fresh bitter gourd plant leaves juice and drink. This and the bittegourd juice reduces the piles problems remarkably.
  • This kills germs in the stomach.
  • This reduces unnecessary body heat.
  • Bittergourd slices boiled in water and taken early in the morning cures constipation.
  • It aslo helps in keeping the skin free from blemishes, and keeps the skin glowing, and helps in toxic elimination from the body.
  • Early tests advise that compounds in bitter melon might be great for treating HIV infection.
Eat any version of bitter gourd to keep yourself away from many diseases and remain healthy.

Thanks to Shilpa of  aayisrecipes for giving me opportunity to post this article.

Meet you all again with another interesting recipe, till then it is bye from Archana.

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