Vegetable Buying Guide

Fresh vegetables are key ingredients in the kitchen.With the right preparation they make meals everyday just as magical as special occasions.Here are some tips to follow to buy fresh veggies from market.

Potatoes should be smooth,without cuts and well shaped. 2 types of potatoes available in market- old and new. New potatoes are good for boiling and salads. They have thinner skins, cook fastly and spoils soon. Old potatoes will have heavy weight, Dark in colour and will not spoil for couple of days.

When buying onions, choose those that are heavy and medium in size, papery skins
and free of moistness. Young onions are sweeter than old ones.

They should be round, red and heavy for their size. Dont choose juice leaking and
cracked skins.

Look ginger with smooth skin and heavy in weight. If it's wrinkled or cracked , it means the ginger is old. Make sure it has a fresh, spicy fragrance.

Always look for heads that are firm with plenty of dry, papery covering, soft and medium in size. Garlic that is very old will crumble under a gentle pressure from the fingers.

Green Beans:
Choose beans that are crisp, bright colored and free from cuts.

When purchasing cauliflower, look for a clean, creamy white, compact curd in which the bud clusters are not separated. Spotted or dull-colored cauliflower should be avoided. Heads that are surrounded by many thick green leaves are better protected and will be fresher.

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